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Our Class of 2015 SpokesModel Search
is Almost Over!

If you're a member of the Class of 2015, are outgoing and want to have some fun in front of our cameras, think about being one of our Class of 2015 SpokesModels!

You'll receive indoor and outdoor portrait sessions at no charge, have your images featured on our
seniors only website, on our Facebook page and in our new "Complete Guide to Awesome Senior Portraits".

You'll also have a chance to earn some extra
spending money, too!

All shapes and sizes needed--having fun is required!
Apply here before it's too late!
Our Annual
First Communion
Portrait Session
Giveaway is Here!

Now thru June 1st, portrait sessions for all First Communicants are absolutely FREE!

For further information or to schedule an
appointment, give us a call at 313-343-9060!