Video Transfer Services

After 7-10 years of lying on your shelf, you may find that the old VHS tapes storing your family's memories are no longer playable. That's why it's essential to transfer those old tapes to reliable DVDs.

The experts at Creative Imaging Solutions can create high-quality DVDs from multiple formats of tapes in just days. Call or come in today for a price quote.

DVD advantages:
  • 21st century's standard digital technology
  • Extended life (discs are supposed to last even up to 100 years if kept and handled properly)
  • DVD does not lose its quality no matter how many times it's played
  • DVD does not lose quality if it's not watched for years
  • Convenient disc format, easy to handle and store

VHS tapes disadvantages:
  • Analog technology from the last century
  • Loses quality after every time you watch it, fast forward or rewind
  • Loses quality even if it's not watched for years
  • VCR can easily damage it by creasing or breaking
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Our Services

We can convert these formats to DVD in-store:
  • DVD
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Digital/Hi 8
  • MiniDV