High Speed Archival Scanning

Why scan?
For only a few cents per image, The Portait Place can turn your old photographs into digital image files!

A photographic image looks like something that will last forever, but even the most modern prints are not designed to last for more than a few decades. No matter how well you store your photos, over time they'll fade with age. The only way to completely save an image is by turning it into a digital file.

Bring in the boxes of old photos you have let The Portrait Place experts place them on a CD for you. After that, the images are yours. Share them in slideshows, over e-mail or the Internet, print them, use them in presentations or projects; the possibilities are endless.

Preparing your images for High Speed Archival Scanning
Please see our instruction sheet which outlines how to prepare your photos before bringing them in to be scanned.

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Bulk scanning

25-49 images
50-99 scans
100-249 scans
250-999 scans
1,000+ scans

Upgrade to 600 dpi

Prices include one CD with a 300 dpi scan at original photo size.

Duplicate CDs are $8 each
$1.00 ea.
$0.90 ea.
$0.80 ea.
$0.60 ea.
$0.39 ea.

+ $0.10 ea.